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M+S Designs custom-made interior and exterior décor, furniture and cabinetry where "Your Idea is Our Creation" and no job is too big or too small. Please note that orders are currently only for areas Hermanus to Pearly Beach and there is a minimum 4 week lead-time. Delivery Fee is not included in the price displayed and will be for your account. Should you wish to customize your product, please do not proceed to the check-out, instead, please contact us and we will collaborate to create your idea. Head on over to our FB page photo albums to view our extensive range of wooden creations.

The local Gansbaai based design and manufacturing business, M+S Designs, who have been creating a variety of innovative wooden products over the past few years, have added a major asset to their portfolio.

“Sometimes to stay ahead of the game one needs to develop further and evolve, and to this end as from 1 July 2020, M+S Designs have proudly added another really special brand to their line-up of design products, namely Pieter deon designs,” says Mark Collings, the M in the M+S Designs brand.

The ‘S’ in the M+S Designs team is Shirley Rothero, who with Mark started the business in 2018. “Since our very small beginnings we grew with the support of the community and have continued to evolve over the past two and a half years, servicing clients from Gansbaai and environs.”

“We both have a passion for creating products to decorate, uplift and beautify homes, offices, guest houses or whatever space you would like to add a feature pizazz to. We see ourselves as the artisanal leaders in the design and manufacture of bespoke interior and exterior wooden décor, furniture, cabinetry and woodcutting,” Mark said.

As an established and growing business in Gansbaai, M+S Designs recognises the needs and wants of people in and around the area and do their best to fulfil such.

“M+S Designs have now acquired the rights to Pieter deon designs, intellectual property, as well as and most importantly, hired the very highly skilled key craftsmen from his workshop. We promise to offer these gorgeous unique handmade pieces filled with passion and soul, which were inspired by PD and loved by clients across the country as the quality clients have come to expect,” Shirley explained the way forward.

Mark loves designing and creating new concepts. He has designed and built laboratories, specialised filtration systems and sterile enclosures like the ones seen in movies where they work with dangerous bugs. The M+S Designs Studio is the concept closest to his heart and he personally manages the workshop and designs clients’ woodworking ideas.

Shirley has been creating for as long as she can remember and has used her skills and life experience to become a successful entrepreneur. Having travelled and lived in many towns around the globe, she has a deep appreciation for the styles and designs of all nationalities and religions. When she is not creating something, she is dreaming about creating something!

“The M+S Designs family have grown to 8 team members where our mission statement is Your Idea is Our Creation and no project is too big or too small,” Shirley said.