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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sell online with Fynbos Market:

If you have a product or products you think will sell online and there is a market/demand for it then its worth giving it a try. You need to be realistic and remember if its not a local purchase it will need to be 'shipped' and its possible the shipping can make up a significant part of the overall cost.

How do I go about selling on the Fynbos Market website:

There are a number steps required before going online.

  • Register with Fynbos Market to see if you are approved, this should just be a formality.
  • You will need a bank account for our admin to pay you, as all funds are collected by the sites administration first.
  • A computer/tablet connected to the internet to upload and manage your market. 
  • Fynbos market will provide you with your own admin area for you to manage your own market.
  • You will need sufficient stock unless you produce on demand.
  • At least one good clear picture per product will be required, a few extra are welcome per product and ...
  • product price, stock quantity, SKU/item number, error free description, tags, meta title and description for search engine indexing, weight (for shipping), category (select from provided), options (small, medium large etc ).
  • You provide your own shipping, but we will provide various ways to configure this, such as using postal codes, events and priority.
    A postal code matrix is recommended and uploaded via a CSV spreadsheet file, this will include postal code number range per weight range per number of delivery days. With this you will be able to configure almost any shipping constraint required by your courier company. CSV file example can be downloaded in your admin area in the shipping section, and more examples can be requested as required from support. You will also have a free collection option which your online purchaser can use if they are close enough to collect.
  • Payment is made by the purchaser via Credit or Debit card using PayFast online payment gateway and an EFT facility is provided. Payouts will be done to your bank account weekly unless otherwise arranged.

How do I go about Setting up OPTIONS:

What is an OPTION:

When a new product is created, one of the menu items is OPTIONS.

This is simple to understand and can be quite complex in its application.
Understanding this concept before creating products might assist in creating better product choices and having product options rather than many similar products.

The most frequently used example used to explain this feature is the classic T-Shirt product.

If your product is T-Shirts and they come in various colours and sizes, the options will be the colours and sizes. Its one product, viz the T-Shirt with multiple OPTIONS or in some cases referred to as Variables.

Options are pre-set by admin, options are then selected from a list, like sizes, colours etc.
Options can and are mapped to various categories, meaning some options can only be used on some categories.
This helps to reduce excessive amount of option options.

The process works like this:
- a product is created with a 'base' price 
- options are added to add to the price or remove from the price.
- a product eg costs R100, a medium sized T-Shirt, the extra large is R120, when the size extra large option is set up its has a cost of +R20.
- the size small T-Shirt costs R80, option small is set up with -R20.
- there are other features in options, such a stock quantity, subtract from stock, reward points and product weight.

Please contact admin should addition options be required.