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About Us

Fynbos Market is a community initiative to place local Overberg and national South African vendors online to market and sell their products. The initiative will favour home made products, crafts and services. The Overberg especially has many home industries ranging from Arts and Crafts to Essential services such as Security and Food growing and production. Health and Healthy living products and services are encouraged to produced a happy healthy and prosperous communities.

Health and Healthy Living Products and Services will help encourage a healthy and unified community

Working and Learning together to be sustainable in all our ways needs a common platform, a place to show off our passion in products and services in skills we can share, each with our own unique ways of doing things coming together whether its under the same roof or cyber address doing the same things in different ways, remaining and growing in our own sustainability, making our communities more and more self sufficient.

Markets have been with us from the beginning, whether at the city gates or at some cyber address, the latter being what we are, trying our best still to have some link to doing markets the old way, what ever that may mean to each of us. 

A place to meet and greet around products and services, we will initiate the process, you need to complete it. 

Never let an opportunity pass by to make new connections, new ways to work together, new ways to connect. As a nation we seem to be more divided today than ever, it will take many many communities big and small to keep working tirelessly to connect, looking for new ways to work together, new ways to reach out, new ways to build trust.

Its up to the people on the ground to find new ways new solutions, it all needs to start somewhere, we can help, be a part of the solution, adding another connection point, the more we connect the more we can support the more we can grow as people, as families and as a nation.

Resources and Opportunities are all around us, lets not be blinded by our own limitations but be moved in oneness and compassion, seeing the potential in others and actively contributing in their growth as friends and entrepreneurs.